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The Chief Information Officer's Body of Knowledge


The CIO has come to be viewed in many organizations as a key contributor in formulating strategic business goals. The CIO aligns and leverages people, process, and technology to so that organizations sustain and gain advantages in the marketplace. As older Chief Information Officers retire and leave the workforce, there must be a cadre of younger IT managers to step up and provide the necessary leadership for companies to sustain their successes.


THE CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER'S BODY OF KNOWLEDGE: People, Process, and Technology provides down to earth, real answers on how to manage technology. Offering solutions for many of the problems CIOs face, this unique book addresses the Chief Information Officer's role in managing and running IT as a business, so the IT department may become a full strategic partner in the organization's crucial decisions.


With over thirty contributions from practitioners who handle both the day-to-day and longer term challenges that IT departments and their parent businesses face, this hands-on, practical desk reference is written in lay terms for business people and IT personnel alike. THE CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER'S BODY OF KNOWLEDGE helps individuals understand how to assist companies in establishing standard practices so they may become more effective and efficient, and it provides guidance on how a businessperson and IT can work together to maximize business value.


Read the review from The Higher Ed CIO.

CIO's Body of Knowledge

Chief Information Officer's Body of Knowledge, Office of the CIO, Dean Lane

CIO Perspectives


As the CIO role continues to evolve into a business leadership role, CIO Perspectives provides a fresh and new look at contemporary and advanced topics for the CIO.

Compiled of real lessons from the CIO trenches.Written by CIOs for CIOs, and those that aspire to be, the book focuses on the hands-on experiences needed to spare readers their own years of trial and error. CIO Perspectives transcends topics of traditional IT management and addresses cutting-edge CIO challenges such as mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce, and the CIO in business strategy. Read this book if you wish to advance your IT career, or understand what makes a world-class CIO.


"CIO Perspectives is a compendium of original contributions from some of the top CIOs in Silicon Valley. It's hard to argue with experience! --Anthony Hill, former Chief Information Officer, Golden Gate University

CIO Perspectives

CIO Perspectives, Office of the CIO, Dean Lane

CIO Wisdom


What it takes to be a truly great CIO... from the IT leaders who know best. The collected wisdom of Silicon Valley's leading IT experts that concisely addresses the most pressing issues facing IT professionals today.


This is the practical survival guide for every CIO and IT manager who is fighting the battle to do more with less. It covers everything from budgeting and measuring, to planning, sourcing, and architecture. Each chapter is introduced with a real-life story that shows how the common themes that have emerged from each author's unique experiences are related. The critical skills that every IT manager needs to master are covered in detail with real-life insights and practical examples.

CIO Wisdom

CIO Wisdom, Office of the CIO, Dean Lane
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