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Our Community

We are a relationship-focused community. As members we seek to be:

1. Strategic in our industry, profession, and businesses

2. Progressive in our personal and professional growth

3. Diverse in our perspective and membership

4. Challengers to our peers in a trusted and productive environment

5. Connectors so we can leverage our collective resources and network

The Office of the CIO dining in Napa Valley


OCIO is not an open industry association. Membership is offered exclusively to "in the seat" IT practitioners by invitation only.  Our membership groups accommodate director to C-level practitioners who meet monthly and requires a prospect/initiate phase. All prospective members (prospects) must attend at least two meetings prior to submitting for membership. If you are interested in learning more then we highly encourage you to contact us here.

Our Purpose

The Office of the CIO ("OCIO") harnesses the collective wisdom and energy of information technology executives to improve our world, our respective businesses, and the IT profession. We seek members who are able to commit to our cause and understand the value of developing self, community, and thought leadership in a trusted peer environment.

Our Purpose

Who We Are

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